The mission of New Hampshire Dance Institute is to enrich the educational, intellectual, physical, and social well-being of school children — inclusive of all abilities and backgrounds — by instilling confidence and discipline through the joy of dance and music.


The vision of New Hampshire Dance Institute is to inspire excellence in children through dance and music in every New Hampshire school.

Core Values

At New Hampshire Dance Institute, we value …

  • … the belief that excellence resides within every child.
  • … exposure to, participation in, and appreciation for the performing arts.
  • … a fun, educational, enthusiastic environment for children to express themselves through dance, story, and music.
  • … development of lifelong interpersonal skills through character building and teamwork.
  • … dance instruction that celebrates the individual while connecting each child to a community of others.
  • … the promotion of the physical, emotional, educational, and intellectual well-being of every child.
  • … personal effort and positive attitude developed through discipline and perseverance.
  • … an inclusive environment in which every child has the opportunity to dance.

Who, What and Why We Are

The New Hampshire Dance Institute (NHDI) is a non-profit organization that introduces children in kindergarten through 8th grade to the joy of choreographed dance. It is our honor and privilege to help them discover their potential by motivating them to:

  • Believe in themselves.
  • Value artistic expression.
  • Develop a personal standard of excellence.

NHDI’s teaching artists are professional dancers and choreographers who teach high-energy, exciting, physically and mentally demanding classes that instill confidence, pride, and teamwork.

Through NHDI, children learn that discipline, hard work, commitment, and concentration can lead to success. Time spent in any of NHDI’s programs is an experience most children never forget – and for many, it’s life-changing.

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