2018-19 School Curriculum

Bees are fascinating, hard-working creatures that are critical to our ecosystem and food supply.  Through dance and music, this school year we  explore and celebrate the miniature, yet mighty, BEE!

Below are a variety of fun and informative handouts and worksheets about bees for students in grades K-8.

Bee Book - Fun facts about honeybees and why they are so important (grades 3-5).

Bee Glossary - Important vocabulary words that relate to honeybees.

Honey Bee matching - Can you match the words with their appropriate definition?

Bee Body Parts - Label the bee’s body parts.

Types of Bees - Name some features of each type of bee.

Bee Dance - Describe the bee dances.

Flower Power  - Label the parts of the flower.

Beekeeper - Label the beekeeper’s tools.

Bee Recipes - Classroom recipes.

Write a bee sentence - Write a sentence using the word ‘bee.’

Bee Life Cycle - Cut and paste pictures in order.

Bee quiz - Test your bee knowledge (grades 4-8).

Bee Week - Activity guide for  bee awareness (grades 6-8).