Associates of National Dance Institute (ANDI) is a collective of arts education programs inspired by National Dance Institute’s pedagogy.

New Hampshire Dance Institute (NHDI) is proud to be associated with its parent organization, National Dance Institute (NDI). NDI was founded in 1976 by renowned New York City Ballet principal dancer, Jacques d’Amboise.

Throughout its 43-year history, NDI has grown throughout the New York City schools and has continued on to seed programs both nationally and internationally, strengthening associate organizations by providing a forum for members to share best practices, maintain standards of excellence, and promote the growth of community arts education programs for children. There are currently 13 programs thriving in the United States. ANDI programs serve over 30,000 children annually.

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There seems to be a human need to dance. Children feel this need to dance acutely...we expose thousands of children a year to the mystery of dance, and all of them are changed by the experience — some in small ways, others profoundly.
— Jacques d’Amboise