NHDI Residency Program


The NHDI Residency Program gives elementary and middle school children the opportunity to participate in our performing arts outreach program during their school day.  Residencies are typically one week in length, during which all students dance.  This gives everyone exposure to the arts, while many children might not otherwise have this unique and empowering opportunity.  Through the arts, we challenge students to develop life-long skills, such as analytical thinking, clarity in expression, collaboration and creativity.  

The NHDI Residency Program also provides a distinctive school-wide community event, as the entire school population comes together for a performance at the end of their Residency week.  Often this performance includes the classroom teachers dancing as well.  This celebration with the entire school participating draws everyone together in a way that rarely occurs during the school year.  

At its core, dance tells a story. It can help children make sense of our complex global community, and broaden their experiences and understanding.  NHDI enables children to imagine the unimaginable, and to creatively connect to the past, the present and their future. 

NHDI partners with 20 or more schools throughout the Monadnock Region each school year for Residencies, and we are always ready to visit more schools. If you are a parent or school administrator (or even a K-8 student!) and would like to learn more about how to bring an NHDI Residency to your school, contact us today at 603-355-8911 or nhdi@nhdi.org.

Click here for our 2018-2019 Residency Schedule.